Now I didn’t see both of these japanese monsters at the same time, and I might have been rushing on both occasions lol, so the photos are a little shaadi, I know this so don’t yell at me. This is a short post hopefully I’ll have some more pics later today. Read More

Ok alright… I know I was supposed to put up this post featuring Edafe’s 350 a while ago, I guess about a month ago, ran into some problems trying to get school stuff done (mostly I got lazy and I accidentally deleted it):( lol but I’m back with it and its bout to go down!

Now lets get it started, This is probably my number one favorite z build. This is one beast Datsun, i mean come on look at it! its fucking sick. Props out to owner Edafe he's done an amazing job building this car. Theres alot that has and soon to be done to this monster, i was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Edafe and he let me know some sweet stuff thats going down.

In its current form right now I have taken everything out the engine. Due to me swapping motors for my LS1.. Car is down right now for my build and changing up some things for the new year 

So far it has:
  • Zeta III Bride seats with brackets
  • Nardi 350mm suede wheel
  • Custom suede headliner, and A pillar and B pillar
  • Kirk racing 4 point roll cage with X-brace in rear
  • custom painted white with gold flakes
  • Status racing 4 point black harness
  • StanceWorks suspension “ZeroClearance”
  • Wheels Rotiform SJC wheel. Black chrome
  • 18×10-8 225/40
  • 18×12-13 275/35
  • on Nexxen tires

Plans for this year:
  • LS1- with Magic stick 4 cam,
  • FAST 102 intake w/
  • FAST 102 throttle body,
  • KRC drift power steering pump,
  •  upgraded springs and rods..trying to hit 480hp.. cross fingers
Body is changing with new bumper, new hood, other stuff I'll keep secret and new wheels. want to stretch 305s.

so as you guys can see this thing doesnt just look awesome but it performance just as well. I dont know about you guys but I’m so excited, I CANT F***IN WAIT TO SEE THIS CAR!!

Photo’s from StanceWorks

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