ok ok ok lol Me being a big Pokémon fan, i love seeing plushes, apparel, artwork, little toys just random stuff that has to do with Pokémon. Now this is a homemade Snorlax beanbag chair and its fucking adorable. i love this chair i want it so bad someone needs to buy me this for my birthday that happens to be tomorrow just saying :). Now Snorlax isnt my favorite character but i can relate to him the most and also a cat, seeing that we both just eat and sleep allday lol

welcome to pancakesx, so i know what your thinking, what the hell am i gonna put on this blog? well if u don’t really know me ill tell you i’m weird as hell, ima gamer, car junkie , geek ,some what an artist, and i take way to many pictures i like the most random shit and so i will probably fill this site up with just that. I will try to update this site some what everyday so bare with me. kk lets get this blog started off good heres some pictures i took of kittens and puppies lolol thats right i said it enjoy.

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