My Trip Out To Capitol

This past week I got invited to head down to Capitol Raceway by some of my friends, This was my first time out to Capitol and i must say I rather enjoyed myself. I got to see some great cars, with high power, pushing low numbers it was a great time but i must say the fact that there were SO many mustangs, like they were everywhere haha. I think in the beginning altogether out of 20-30 cars there were like 5 Japanese cars and 4 of them were ours. later on though so really nice ones showed up like a couple EG coupe’s, DC’s, a Scion Tc, An Evo 8 Etc… It was fun.
Hit the jump and check out the pics.
My friend steve picked me up in his gorgeous FR-S, aint she sexy?!

We knew we were getting close after spotting this old 70’s El camino lol.
-Big Sexy Camaro-
Bryon’s up to run
I went with Chris to gas up the STI

Copyright (C) 2012. Eddie White. All Rights Reserved


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