Local Sightings: Subaru BRZ

Saw this gorgeous BRZ in front of longhorn yesterday first one I’ve seen in person. man its crazy i just saw my friend steve’s FR-S not even a week ago just gotta see if i can make a double shoot happen with both beautiful rides

Copyright (C) 2012. Eddie White. All Rights Reserved
  1. Nguyen Le said:

    Hey, I’m the owner of the BRZ, I really like the photos you took, if you have a facebook add me and we can talk about doing a follow up with the FRS, heres my link http://www.facebook.com/SparklePuffFairy
    also if you dont mind is it alright if i use the first photo for my cover photo on facebook?

    • Hey man, I’m really happy you like the photos. I’ll add you and yeah you can use them it is your car n all lol

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