Picking Up Zack’s Z

A couple days ago my good friend Zack invited me to take a nice drive out with him to pick up his new-old 74 Datsun 260z, now I don’t know if you’ll know this about me but I’m a huge nissan/datsun fanboy and the 73 Datsun 240z s30 is my favorite car of all time, so of course him asking me to go get his 260 with him was almost the death of me. Had a great time picking it up, ended up meeting two awesome people a man named Bill and his wife Misty, and they were happy to show us there awesome rides. 

Before we hit the road we definitely had to get some pho and coffee  🙂

And there she is
They had this gorgeous stingray out.

so after we spent some time admiring bills cars me and Zack went on a mission for gas in the Z and it was going good until…
Finally after like 7mins we got it running and to the gas station.
After a nice drive back home in the Z you can say it was a great day.
Thanks again to Zack and our new friends Bill and Misty for a wonderful time.
Copyright (C) 2012. Eddie White. All Rights Reserved


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