Guy Kills Wife For Smashing Star Wars Toys

30 year old Rickie La-Touche suffocated his Thai wife with a pillow after she destroyed his Star Wars collection that he has been collecting since he was a wee little padawan. He has been sentenced to life in jail.
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Rickie told the court that his Thai wife Pornpilai Srisroy, 28, had damaged his precious Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker memorabilia. He later told police his wife had smashed his Star Wars collection as part of a campaign to “make his life hell”. He also claimed he “flipped” when she threatened to leave him to go back to Thailand.
Come on man your making us fanboys look bad lol. Now I’m not saying I condone murder in anyway but she should of known anyone with a large Vader collection will most likely try to force choke you if you get out of line. thats why I wear my little Vader breathes and little palpy on my keychain so people know if they get on my bad side i might shoot lightning at them or choke them out.


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