Meeting of the Proper

Once again an awesome meet. Such a great turn out, had so many more cars this time so many gorgeous ass cars and bikes and of course great people. everything was going great tell the cops broke it up =( oh well i still had a great time.
Well lets get in to it here are the pics yall been waiting for. I must say there not that great cuz i was COLD AS SHIT!!just not shooting my best lolol, so I apologize ahead of time if yall don’t really like them. (Note to self: Buy gloves).
Copyright (C) 2011. Eddie White. All Rights Reserved

  1. matt said:

    looks good man, great job as always

  2. John Critzos said:

    Yo its the guy that was talking to you, i gave you my blackberry to type your blog.. the yellow gti was auctally mine!! lol where are those pics! ….Pics look great

    • Yeah what’s up man, hey I’m sorry but alot of my pics didn’t come out that well, alot were blur. I have to start wearing gloves or something but yeah I’m sorry

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