IM BACK EVERYONE!!! I apologize for being gone for so SUPER LOOOOONG, my computer has a new hard drive and i’ve been taking pictures like crazy so you all have something to look forward to. A lot has happened sense i took my fifty year long taco break. lets see ummm. Star Wars came out on blu-ray (with some changes), Dennis Ritchie died, Steve Jobs died, Community started a new season True Blood finished theres, Sony got hacked(again), Battlefield 3 looks awesome, Apple has a new phone and in personal new i got a new job, got my fish (Dr Fishingsworth) back home and idk just a lot of random crazy sad awesome stuff has happened.
Anyway im happy to be back. I’m pretty sure i lost a lot of followers in my absence, i hope i still have some Panfans out there somewhere, hopefully Im not just talking to myself :(. Well to those who have been waiting and waiting for my return (If any) Im sorry and if it makes you feel better I took a lot of adorable kitten pics, yup yup and im gonna upload them yup, oh dont believe me look at them v v v v
Yeah I know to cute and I have a lot of new car pics like this R8 vvvv
see see you got stuff to look forward to just not a lot of this vvv
so yeah hope everyones excited cuz i so am. so yeah i don’t really know what to say now…..yup. soooooo yeah enjoy

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