Its a very sad day. last night there was a loss of a legend in the stance community. One of the greatest, most incredibly built cars ive ever seen Rusty Slammington =(. Ive watched this ride transform from a black E28 Bimmer to this turbo 1jz powered monster  rat and its so sad to see something like this happen.

In a freak fire accident last night, the garage which housed the 2010 Speedhunters Rat and Car of the Year burned down. Everyone involved is okay but the car itself is just a shadow of what it once was
We’ve been following Mike  Burroughs’ build of rusty for a few years now. And to many of us, it was like watching a child grow. Some absolutely hated this creation whereas others loved it and was inspired by it. In a time where bolt-on parts is a just mouse click away, Mike took the hard road and built Rusty with his own hands. Many parts were one-off fabrications. We’re sad to see such an iconic car pass into time.
source: Speedhunter

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