Hell Yar: Japan Relief Meet (。◠‿◠。)

So I went to the Japan Relief Meat at Tutti Frutti yesterday , so many dope ass rides, its great to see so many people getting together for a great cause.
now my pics arent that great it was hella cold, n i was kinda pissed how some of the best shots were kinda blurry =( but its whateve next meet I’ll be ready, hopefully I’ll get a new lens lol but i think yall be happy with what you’ll see so enjoy =)
ps only like two of the pics have been edited

There’s alot of pics so hit the jump to see them all 

So me and mel left for a little to go knife some noobz n sudden ^.^ but i got this rolling shot of some guys nice s2k

fuuuuuu bluuurrr 😡

If your new here or if you just don forgot this is the same Gallardo I did a post on alittle ago -> click right herrr

Fucking blurr, I need some damn glasses lolol

1 comment
  1. Nick said:

    Yo I bumped into you the other day in Old EC (with my Nismo). Shoot me an e-mail sometime man. nick_pullin@yahoo.com

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