OHH NOO: J’s racing Junichi Umemoto Was Arrested

photo from 7tune

Umm… yeah so J’s racing president Junichi Umemoto was arrested, this one was unexpected, definitely didn’t see this one coming.

Quoted from GTchannel.com

According to Japanese websites, J’s Racing president Junichi Umemoto has been arrested for attempted murder.

Full translation of:http://news.tv-asahi.co.jp/news/web/html/210124004.html

The police have arrest a 43 year old man related to a hit and run incident which happened in downtown Osaka. The suspect arrested for attempted murder is Junichi Umemoto who is a auto repair shop director.  Late night on Jan 22, while driving a car, he hit a man walking and tried to leave the scene.  Eiji Fujikawa, 39 years old, a colleague of the man held onto the mirror of Umemoto’s car.  Umemoto continued  to drive and dragged him approximately 100 meters before Fujikawa let go.  Fujikawa-san broke his skull is now unconscious and in critical condition.  The suspect is saying “I was scared of repercussions and kept on going.  I didn’t mean to kill him.” On his own blog Umemoto introduces himself that he has entered over 100 official races and is an active driver.

but even though this sad dont you j’s fans start crying worried that the company is gonna go under and  your not gonna be abled to buy those nice shiny pipes for your s2k’s and your carbon fiber intakes for your integra’s dont you worry this little incident wont affect any of your honda needs the company isn’t dying anytime soon(I hope). heres what J’s racing has to say

Quoted from The Chronicles

January 25, 2011

J’s Corporation
C.E.O  Hisaaki Murakami

To all the parties concerned:

This statement is prepared in response to the news “Junichi Umemoto Arrested” reported on the media.

We sincerely regret and apologize for all the trouble we caused to our customers and business acquaintance. At the same time, we earnestly hope a speedy recovery of the injured party.

As of now, we have not obtained the complete information and we are unable to report all the detail of the incident. However, it is a fact that Mr. Umemoto has been arrested and has been questioned by the police.

Upon this development, the board of directors removed Mr. Umemoto from the C.E.O and have elected Mr. Hisaaki Murakami as the replacement. The boards also have elected Mr. Masafumi Yagi as the general manager to succeed Mr. Murakami.

Starting today, with this new management, we resume the regular operation and make utmost effort to avoid the similar trouble to our customers, clients, and the business associates.

We are determined and committed to do whatever necessary to restore the trust from you.

We greatly appreciate and look forward to your continued support and patronage.

source’s The ChroniclesGTchannel.com7tune


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