ROAD TRIP!!! Well it was kinda a road trip. We went to Virginia and thats only like a 50 minute drive from my area lolol. So yeah me and my friends were gonna go to NYC but we kinda ran into some problems naming i couldn’t get any money (i ruined it) soooo…. we decided to go to the V instead. It was actully my first time going around VA cause i’ve ether gone straight to my aunts house which is in the V or drove through to go to another state. but yeah it was hella fun and here are some pics of our time. enjoy bitches:3
Ok we weren’t driving no long then 20 minutes when jae fell asleep lol knocked out for the whole ride there. lol

Couple more minutes of driving, me and my bestie playing Star Wars trivia, making my brain mushy lol we finally made it and right before we pulled up i saw the GREATEST THING EVER!!!
THATS RIGHT!!…..PATIO FURNITURE!!!! look at it, its so mystical.

Jae missed it cause she was still sleeping. lolol

But enough talking heres our time walking around the mallski.

Yeah we tried on hats!!! I know your jelly^.^

I want this in my room lol
The Fuck lol
Cutest trash can EVER!!!!!
Smoke time!!
CANDY HEAVEN!!!!! (Sorry for the blur i was to happy)
Thats right
Softest store EVER!!!!
Ok so we left the mall to find something else fun to do, they decided to go to k-town to this simply awesome store.
So after that i had to leave jk we went to a bakery, and Jae took all the damn samples lol
After having an epic day out then getting home, I had to make n epic meal before going to bed….


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