Ok so i know i haven’t really been posting a ton of car related stuff on here, and that was one of my more main purposes for making this blog but its time for some changes, i mean it is 2011 in all:) sooo…. i’ve decided to start posting more often and not this two post a day shit. lol

Now if you don’t really know me i’ll let you know im all about JDM, i mean i really like me some Euro too Vdubs, bmw’s or what have you, but I LOVE JDM more, but even though i love japanese cars so much i must say no matter what the car make is if its sitting right i will love it just as much. i love a car with a great stance and coming really soon they’ll be a post of just that.
I’m working on a post on a guy by the name of Edafe Omosowofa and he has a crazy sick 350z. ive seen alot of 350 builds but i must say i think this is my favorite Z of all time. Pure Sex! he’s got this thing sitting right.
check out a pic of the Z below

Now its gonna be awhile tell im done with everything im going on a little trip so im not gonna be working on the blog for like two days but i will try to finish everything as fast as i can when i get back =)

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