Goin Hard: A Day In The Life Of Terry Kennedy

Yo Terry is the shit!! TKs got mad skills on the wood board, being one of my top favorite skaters for a long time now…right next to jim greco of course =).
This video shows a day in the life of TK as his in NYC getting some work done, doing a really short photoshoot and having an appearance on i really though this show was dead bet’s 106 n park. unfortunately walking around the city isnt that safe and as shown some random black guy tries to steal an ipad from terry’s homie and thats soonly taken care of by the man himself
Now i’m actually going to NY in like a couple days and i’m really thinking of getting a tazer lol, but i mean i’m going with asians so i hope one of them knows some Taekwondo or at least knows how to throw a shuriken :3

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